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Looking for a Spuffy fic [Jun. 23rd, 2016|11:26 pm]
BTVS & ATS Lost & Found


Mystery, danger, true love, and the best birthday present ever. As You Wish has it all! Socialite turned social worker Buffy Summers has sworn off love. It's been two years since her too-good-to-be-true husband ran off with her millions, leaving her emotionally and financially devastated. Buffy's friends, believing that it's time she put her past behind her, hire Spike Carlton to arrange for a special birthday dinner. The enigmatic Spike is full of surprises, but no one is as surprised as he is when his casual meeting with Buffy leads to a torrid affair. Passionate and sensitive, strong and tender, he seems to know just what Buffy needs. But having been burned once, Buffy is wary, and rightfully so. Spike has secrets from a former life and a dangerous past from which he's just recently escaped. Before they can find happiness together, Buffy and Spike must take risks, put aside past tragedies, and trust in both one another and love. Add in one psychic sister, a deranged stalker, and a group of tried and true friends (not to mention a sailing fantasy that is too hot to handle and a welcome home dinner so sexy it will make your mouth water).

Spike says "as you wish" through out the whole story.