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help with spuffy fic [Aug. 15th, 2011|11:58 pm]
BTVS & ATS Lost & Found


 Hey everyone...ok so this fic has been driving me crazy...I read it a really long time ago, so I remember very little of it. Sometimes I think Im just mixing different fics together so I thought maybe someone could help. The random details I DO remember:

-story is AR(maybe) starts off when Buffy is a little kid
-she eventually comes across a vampire named Damien who watches over her as she grows up

-Buffy has a relationship with Angel as a teenager but eventually gets together with Damien

-Damien dies...maybe protecting Buffy?

-Buffy eventually gets together with Spike...and I'm pretty sure the story ends spuffy

thats all I remember...even if that might be a bunch of fics mixed together

Thanks...appreciate any help :)